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Sundram Thambyrajah was introduced by a friend two years back. What caught my attention, he had the burning desire to excel, eager to learn and imaginative. He would call me often sharing his vision.

During the last two years seen his progress in work and personal life, frog leaped acquiring the necessary social values and skills, development of personal beliefs and habits.

Knowing him well now, was not surprised to recently share his success in scaling Mount Kinabalu at the height at 4095.20 meters. According to Sundram, during the climb, he nearly gave up and the inner voice within him encouraged him to be perseverance, confidence and acceptance.

He began to understand the important phenomena that when we refuse to be suppressed by the circumstances life throws at us, only then will we, be in a position to glimpse that inner strength within us. Only when we rise above the occasion, we have awakened that inner warrior that resides within us.

Now having achieved this feat, Sundram's appetite for success has not diminished and now he has set Mount Kilimanjaro. He relies that all these can only be achieved by working hard at it and there are no easy routes to the top.



Malaysia ISO Consultant | ISO Training | ISO Training Consultant