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In the fast-moving world of Management, new terms are constantly replacing old terms, while old ones acquire new dimensions or are used indiscriminately. The results: we may be talking the same language, but our words hold different meaning.

Being the in Consultancy industry, we too more than often, use the below phrases, thinking these were Right Buttons in attracting clients.

* Discontinuous Change (Completely Rethink the way in which we learn things).

* Honshin Kanri (Policy Deployment, Step by Step Process)

* Keiretsu (Headless Combines)

* Lateral thinking (Seeking to solve problems by unorthodox methods)

* SOMO (Sell One, Make One)

* Seven S Model (Divided into 3 hard factors and four soft ones)

* Theory X, Y and Z

However, this has changed after meeting  En. Mohd Taib Ali, The Founder and Managing Director of Wesria Food Sdn. Bhd., a  successfully consulting and managing more than 10 large scale food courts projects of local and international standards.

En. Mohd Taib Ali an accountant by profession, a  humble and straight talking person, simply practices  "Passionate on Employee Relationship" .

My close to three years acquaintance with En. Mohd Taib Ali, saw his passion on the  FIVE Core Values, that made him /Wesria , a well known Food Court Management Company  that continuously develop food court of outstanding design and  splendor, providing tasty food variety and superb customer services.

* Lavish trust on Employees

* Treat others with uncompromising truth.

* Mentor unselfishly

* Give credit where it's due

* Put the interest of others before your own

(No wonder why employees are with him for many years and rewarded in Managing Multiple Task both Local and Abroad) He does not have   issues that many of us keep hearing,  the talented people we rely on to run our organization are retiring early because they want more time and more meaning in their lives. And the skilled people, we are counting on to replace them are telling us they want their own businesses and more time and more meaning in their lives.

En. Mohd Taib Ali further elaborates  " No matter how well your staff are selected and groomed, if the above Five Core Values are not instilled  in them " the entire grooming and selection will be half bake and inadequate.

Together with the Wesria Food Team Members, we reciprocate your trust and care with our hearts filled with prayers and love, which you can never see.  HAPPY FATHERS DAY - En. Mohd Taib Ali.



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