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You Light Up My Life

I have come to a crossroads in my  life at my late twenties , without a stable job and income.  worked in many companies eagerly starting work and  disillusioned leaving job's, with too much of Over Promise and Under Deliver by the owners of the organization.

Life was tough till, I met Mrs. Maria Seethaler - the Director of Labteknikal Industries Sdn Bhd , based in Bandar Baru Bangi in 1994. During my first interview, she offered me the job as Project Coordinator and guided me , to have a good grasp of Financial and Project Management. She gave me, the confidence, authority and freedom in my work and this reflected total gratitude to her , never used to like going home early and always be among the last to leave the Factory. If there are days, I reach home by 8pm, my household members, will questioned me, are you sick today?

Mrs. Maria Seethaler, requested me to achieve the ISO 9001:2000 Lead Assessor Qualification and later to Warwick to complete my Master in Science. She had always given me ,  highest confidence  and gave me the assurance, she will always be there in guiding me in my daily work.

However, after three years in Labteknikal , my dad passed away  at a very young age , this was a great loss and due to family issues I had to leave Labteknikal,Mrs. Maria Seethaler and of course Mr. Johann Seethaler - Technical Director and husband to Mrs. Maria Seethaler in such a painful moment.

Three years later, TQS Management was born, and Mrs. Maria Seethaler, came to know, it was her staff, managing and requested me to get them ISO 9001:2000, what a good way in returning back and serving my Boss and Company. They did well, and achieved Zero NCR during the Compliance Audit and I was the happiest man. Mrs. Maria Seethaler did not stop here, she recommended Hiestand Malaysia Sdn Bhd and the Managing Director Franz Nickl as ever since, being my strongest friend and given me many contacts, frog leap TQS Management Sdn Bhd to where we are now.

Mrs. Maria Seethaler, after some years, left to Australia and, I have not spoken to her ever since, though I promised that every 3rd September on her birthday, she will get my call.

However, I am sure, she knows I am thinking of her on her birthday and praying for her health and happiness.

Mrs. Maria Seethaler, you have light up my life and made me believe in myself. Thank You Very Much.

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