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Customer Loyalty Follow Up (CLF)
When TQS Management was in the 3rd year based, in Seremban, we felt contented and had no plans moving to Klang Valley.However deep in me, had these thoughts;

Why isn't all of this working faster?

Why haven't I already achieved my goals?

Why aren't I getting prestigious projects?

Why can’t I secure 100% success rate in all my presentation, converted to Sales?

This totally changed, when I was introduced on the Concept of CLF, on my birthday seven years back... 

“If you think you can, you are right. Just be passionate about it. And if you lack passion, then develop it because success never comes till you are passionate about it."

More businesses are seeking to differentiate themselves through Customer Service. But how many of them show this, in ways customers recognize and genuinely appreciate.

The truth is that service excellence is not something one does on an ad hoc or piecemeal basis. It requires a sustained effort, perseverance and consistency.

Customer Loyalty Follow-Up better known as CLF strives to acquire "loyal" customers, for the fact loyal Customers bring in the required moral support and of course Business. They are satisfied and patronize repeatedly, and even take an extra step in recommending their friends and associates. This certainly reflected in our decision  not having Sales Department , pushing for Sales , the last seven years , we grew  purely by word of mouth.

Seven years passed, advocating CLF essence;

 * Look at things from other person's prospective.

 * Offer genuine appreciation and praise.

 * Keep a sense of fun and balance in my life.

 * Give Customers staff, a good reputation to live up to.

 * Treat Customers staff equally as how we treat their  Bosses.

Thanks CLF

* We have managed to secured jobs in Asian Region .

* We were awarded the Prestigious Awards such as Enterprise 50 and many more.

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